Venture Practice Services began in 1998 out of the frustration of our CEO,  Jim Porterfield, a private practice owner of three outpatient clinics.  Payers were gaining the upper hand with their statistical analyses and ever changing payment structures. Moreover, he was unable to get the information needed out of his practice management system do much about this dilemma.

In collaboration with a talented group of clinicians, information technicians and compliance experts, we began to develop an information database. These efforts to solve these operational problems have since evolved into a software systemthat we customize to meet our clients needs.

We focus only on Physical Therapy Practice. Today, Venture Practice Services,  LTD, offer our clients specialized rehabilitation billing and collecting services through the Internet. We view our business as having developed a “PT Tool Box,” with tools like: Correct Coder: which translates clinical language into billing language.Practice Profiler: which yields clinical practice and reimbursement reports that serve to increase management efficiency, and PT Documentor: which signifiacantly decreases the therapist’s burden of paperwork.

We have recently added Individualized Business Analysis services to help our customers efficiently focus on monitoring key success indicators. All tools may be acquired separately or collectively. We are especially proud to have been recognized by our peers for the progress we made in outcomes analysis, and have received this year’s “Practice Award” from the Private Practice Sections of the APTA for many aspects of this work.